We offer children a safe environment in all its aspects, both physical and emotional. Where they are allowed to explore the world around them, developing their movement, language and above all independence and self-confidence.
They generally start at this school from year 0 since they begin to walk, sharing this space with children up to six years old. This mixed age configuration brings great richness to the environment and to themselves.
During daily learning activities we communicate in both English and Spanish.

The teaching staff - Guides

The teachers, with extensive educational experience in Montessori pedagogy by the international Montessori association, are trained to accompany and know each stage and development of the child: trusting the child to intervene only when necessary.

The relationship of trust between the Guide and the children creates a safe environment, which is necessary for the brain to absorb, to ask questions without fear, so that the rhythm of its work is respected and to express itself freely. In Montessori pedagogy, the Guide, the child and the environment form a triangle of union and learning.

The Guide prepares the environment and his/her work material to encourage independence, freedom within limits and a sense of order. The student chooses the activity that interests him most through his intuition.

Essential elements:

* A prepared space: Suitable for the needs of children with Montessori materials.
* An adult guide trained in pedagogy, being an observer, planner, creative and lover of knowledge.
* A work environment based on freedom. With scientifically prepared materials with a direct purpose.

Educating the child is not teaching him, it is providing him with an environment prepared so that he learns to educate himself with confidence and independence, in an active, free and responsible way.

Montessori spaces (The environments)

They provide materials that address learning in different areas such as: practical life, sensory, language, mathematics, history, geography, etc.

Children's Community

From 0 to 3 years

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children's house

From 3 to 6 years

niño de 4 años
dibujo caballo montessori
niño que escribe